CMDCM (SCW)Donald M. Turner September 25th, 1936 - April 12th, 2011 Don Turner, whose name is synonymous with “service,” will be sorely missed by many. After battling compromising health issues over the past few years, Don succumbed to pneumonia and a severe infection at Saint John’s Hospital on April 12, 2011 in Oxnard, CA. With his family by his side, Don rested comfortably as he transitioned out of this world.

Rest In Peace CMDCM Donald M. Turner September 25th, 1936 - April 12th, 2011
Rest In Peace CMDCM Donald M. Turner September 25th, 1936 - April 12th, 2011
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Rest In Peace CMDCM Donald M. Turner September 25th, 1936 - April 12th, 2011
I did faithfully serve my sea father CMDCM (SCW)Donald Turner (EQCM)(1936 - 2011)

In 1988 I joined NMCB 3 when I had completed Builder “A” school in Port Hueneme CA. There I Shed off my Navy Dungarees and was given my first set of Seabee Greens with a white T-shirt. That is when I first meet him. I worked on the roof of his house and it was after that he took me under his wing and became my 2nd sea dad.

My Sea father, was there when I had to beep my 1st wife of 5 years over to another Seabee. He picked me up from the ground and helped me understand the price that some must face to live this life. He helped me learn to over come one of many of the costs of being a Seabee. After I made up my mind to make the Seabees a Life long Journey, He put his hand on my shoulder and told me to stand up proud and say that I am “career motivated” and not a lifer. He warned me that this was no easy way of life, that it would cost me deeply. But, if I held firm and took care of my Seabees. I would look back and be proud of all I have done. Whenever I needed help, he was there to guide me.

when I was at Lualualui, Hawaii. I got to be a witness when he put down his naval life and went into retirement. That day, I cried... for I saw a type of Seabee depart that has not been made again. To this day I have never served a Seabee like him, nor have I had a Sea Father, that has ever thought me as he did, on how to be a Better Seabee.

Because of his example, I have tried all of my new life, to live up to fitting in his Black Steel-Toe Boots. Before I went in to Iraq I saw him for the last time and gave him account of what I have achieved, hoping that it would please him. I have worked hard so that he would not find that he wasted his time on me.

I tell you my Seabee brothers this day my heart is heavy, for as the years have passed, I have watch the Seabees eat there young. In these last few years, our leadership has let the bean counters cut in to are ranks for stupid things, The PT Nazis have set Seabee against Seabee, throwing are young out like they or trash instead of working to save the ones that need a little help. Where are the defenders that stand before the forces that hate us so. I weep today over this loss, for with his passing, is the passing of a true Seabee, that stood tall among us, that defended us, he is gone. With him went a time that we will never see again.

Master Chief Turner….. With out you hand on my shoulder, my life would have been a darker place. I shall miss you my Seabee Father, God’s speed.

My you have Sunny Work days and plenty of WIP (Work in place).

Always yours in service

BU1(SCW/FMF) Ricardo Roberto Trevino USN (RET.) C/O 5 TDCJ

“Seabees Never Die, They just get transferred to GOD’S Construction Battalion!" HFCB-1 (Heavenly Fathers Construction Battalion One)