The Seabee Cruise Box. Is proud to offer the Zeek Outfitter Antimicrobial Face Mask Adjustable & Washable

the Zeek Outfitter Antimicrobial Face Mask
Comes in three colors 1: Black, 2: White /w black outline 3: Light blue

Antimicrobial The outer layer is comprised of a tightly woven cotton twill for solid protection without overheating. The inner layer is treated with antimicrobial protective agents that act against all types of microorganisms including: Bacteria (AntiBacterial) Viruses (AntiViral) Fungi (AntiFungal) Protozoa (AntiProtozoal) Specifically it can reduce the COVID-19 coronavirus in the mask material by over 99%. It also prevents bacteria from growing on the inside of the mask. This protection is woven into the fabric (not sprayed on) to give long-lasting protection. In a laboratory test, it withstood a 20-wash test with no degradation in antimicrobial infectivity. In other words, even after the material was washed 20 times it still had the same 99% virus reduction power.